The S.S.P.A. seeks to disseminate information relating to people of short stature to all sectors of the community in order to promote a full understanding of their problems, their abilities and their need for equality of opportunity.
In order to achieve this objective, the S.S.P.A. uses the following resources:

SSPA Journal

Bi-monthly magazine commenced in December, 1969 to inform members of the social and business activities occurring in the S.S.P.A., both nationally and within the states, as well as medical news concerning short stature and snippets from overseas LP associations. It is circulated to all financial S.S.P.A. members.
For more information, or to submit articles for publication contact the Journal Editor, Graci Lynch at e-mail: [email protected].
Please note that any articles submitted for publication are subject to the SSPA Journal Editorial policy which is as follows:

‘The Editor reserves the right to alter, within reason, content submitted for publication in this Journal to reflect best practice in written communication.  The Editor also reserves the right to accept or reject all material submitted for publication.  Publication of articles does not necessarily imply the endorsement by, or reflect the views of the SSPA or the Editor.’ 

Information Guide to Persons of Short Stature

This guide has been compiled by a group of non-medical people for people of short stature and their families. There is also helpful information for doctors, other health professionals, school teachers, class mates, neighbours, friends and future employers. It is intended for this guide to have a wide circulation to persons involved in the care of short-statured people and its aim is to create a better understanding of short stature.
Its contents include:
– A brief overview of the S.S.P.A.
– Common types of short stature.
– Diagnosis of short stature.
– Care of babies and young children
– Role of families.
– School years.
– Higher education.
– Teenage years.
– Employment.
– Complications associated with short stature.
– Genetic counselling and inheritance.
– Information on support groups and contacts for the S.S.P.A. diagnostic sub-groups.

The full contents of this publication can be accessed from this website.

‘Growing In Stature’ (Book on the history of the SSPA)

The definitive history of the S.S.P.A. from its humble beginnings in Port Macquarie, New South Wales in 1968 through to its hosting of the Second International Convention of Little People in Sydney in 1988.
It includes chapters on:
– How the organisation began
– The first National Convention
– Medical aspects and developments
– Youth development
– Overseas links
– S.S.P.A. Journal
– Development of the State branches in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, and Western Australia.

“This book is a must read by Little People and those of average stature.” – Rosemary Hobbs B.E.M., co-founder, S.S.P.A.

Copies of this book can be obtained by contacting: the SSPA Membership Secretary, Vicki Fallon at: [email protected].

‘Walking Tall’ (DVD)

DVD video presentation dealing with the experience of being “four-foot tall in a six-foot world” as seen through the eyes of both short-statured and average-sized members of the S.S.P.A. It shows the day-to-day experiences of short-statured people as they go about their daily lives, as well as discussing social relationships, the problems with public transport and building access. Some ingenious solutions to everyday problems are also highlighted. It is a follow-up to a video titled “Four-Foot Tall in a Six-Foot World”.
Copies of this video are available for purchase for $10 (Aust.) each, plus $4 for postage and packing.
To obtain a copy, contact the National Secretary, Linda Henderson at e-mail: [email protected] or send a cheque for $14 (Aust.) made payable to ‘S.S.P.A’ to:

The National Secretary
Short Statured People of Australia
7 Spurwood Road
Turramurra NSW 2074.

Copies of the video can also be borrowed from the S.S.P.A. Library.

SSPA Library

For more information go to the Library page.

Publicity talks

The S.S.P.A., through its State branches, receives and accepts requests for its members to undertake public speaking engagements to community groups, schools, etc. For more information contact the S.S.P.A. State Branch secretary in your State.



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