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Branch report – December 2014 

We had a great turnout for our 2014 Christmas party held at the Crestwood Community Hall in Thornlie, organised once again by Marjan. We had a lovely sausage sizzle for lunch and both the children and adults had fun in the pools. We met some lovely new people including a family with an infant son with short stature.

Planning is still going ahead for the 2015 National Convention in Perth. Soon we will be planning the activities, dinner dance, medical day etc.

I have a couple of contributions from the people in our group here;

Rosa Condra has had a tough time of late with Isabella having an operation on her finger, Winky needing an operation and Rosa herself having trouble with her wrist.

Rosa also approached her local IGA manager and they are going to donate 80 bags for us to make up the welcome bags for the Convention.

Tiffany Sarich has had a great year; she has just finished junior school at St Hilda’s and begins her journey in the senior school next year. She had an exciting event filled 2014 beginning with New Year’s in Ireland with her step fathers family, skiing in France, touring Germany and relaxing in Bali. She had two school trips one to New Norcia as a Sacristan for the school and a class trip to Kalgoorlie. She has been playing basketball this year doing well considering she is up against some above average height girls.

Tiffany’s mum, Fiona has also been busy…. She has just finished her Interior Architecture degree with first class honors’. Fiona’s thesis was on how the Interior can inhibit the stigmatisation towards those with short stature. She examined and analysed three different paradigms pertaining to the field of interior architecture through the perspectives of sociology, social psychology and phenomenology. Through the decoding of these academic perspectives towards the interior, Fiona explored how interior architecture, from a theoretical and social perspective, can inhibit the stigmatisation of those with short stature by way of inciting introductions.

Fiona made reference to her experiences with Tiffany in the built environment, making comparisons and designed a playground to illustrate that those with short stature, specifically Achondroplasia were not limited in their mobility, that the interior encourages introductions inhibiting stigma.

We wish all of the Short Stature People of Australia, their families and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Prosperous New Year.

Feliz Navidad, vrolijk Kerstfeest, Frohe Weihnachten, Nollaig Shona, Merry Christmas!

Kind regards,

The SSPA of WA

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