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1972 Chair: Merry Young
Secretary: Carly Myers
Treasurer: Anthony Koedyk
Carly Myers
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Branch report – June 2016

Shout Outs!…..

 Very big shout out to Victoria’s own Tanya Huebner who will be competing in Rio as part of the Australian Paralympic team, we are very proud of you and will be cheering you on!

 To Jeff Izatt and his fellow club members of the Ocean Grove Snooker Club, congratulations from all of us for celebrating the club’s 40th anniversary. The SSPA Victorian Branch has been, the recipients of the club’s generosity over the years when they have held, their annual snooker tournament.

In most recent news…

SSPA Vic Branch Chocolate Fundraiser

The SSPA Victorian Branch have boxes of Cadbury chocolates to sell to assist with fundraising for the athletes competing in the 2017 World Dwarf Games and also, the upcoming 2016 SSPA National Convention.

The boxes are a variety pack and contain 50 chocolate bars, i.e. cherry ripe, time outs etc. To be sold at $1.00 each. The SSPA will make $20 for every box sold i.e. 50 boxes would get us $1000. Workplaces seem to be a popular place to sell the chocolates as well as family and friends. Of course the trick is not to eat all 50 pieces yourself and pay $50 for the privilege.

Please contact Gail Young as soon as possible on 0430 470 656 or [email protected] if you would like to take a box to sell. Please note, boxes to sell will be available at the upcoming National Sporting weekend in Albury. Thank you Gail for organising the chocolate drive.

MAGNIFICIENT Annual Trivia Night

The Annual Magnificent Trivia Night was held on Saturday 30th April. Yet another ‘magnificent’ event attracting lots of competitive people ready for trivia battle! Of course, all in good spirit and fun to raise money for the 2017 Australian World Dwarf Games team as well as the 2016 SSPA National Convention. It was such a great success in its’ fundraising efforts, on the night a total of $2,141.00 was raised. A very big thank you goes out to Tom Carney, Merry Young, Gail Young, Sam Millard, Rob Millard and Marie Millard for organising the night.

Vigorella Fundraiser layers for life

Recently held on the 29th May, Vigorella opened its’ doors, filled glasses with champagne and dazzled the guests with a lovely array of fashions on display. It was a fun and very successful day, with about 55 ladies in attendance raising just over $4000 to go towards the 2016 SSPA Annual Convention.

A very special thank you to Jenny Zeuschner; her daughter Isabella Zeuschner for selling raffle tickets on the day, Marie Millard and Megan Lilly for organising the champagne, and the Vigorella Staff (Ann, Leeanne, Kate, Jen L and Charo) for doing an amazing job with styling.

Upcoming Events…


The SSPA Annual Grand Gala Dinner is a highlight on the SSPA social calendar and one event not to be missed.

When: Saturday 23rd July 2016 Where: Mulgrave Country Club, Cnr. Wellington & Jells Roads, Wheelers Hill

Time: 6:00pm to 12:00am

RSVP: to Social Coordinator Ashleigh Hutchins: [email protected] or 0434272346

Cost: Tickets $50.00 per person (Payments to be made by electronic transfer must be paid before the event)

On the night: Finger food and a sit down two-course meal. Vocal and silent auctions, raffle and prizes. Plus entertainment to help us get our boogie on!

SSPA Victorian Branch, 2016 Annual General Meeting

When: Sunday 24th July 2016 (yes it is the day after the Gala Dinner)

Where: Megan, Leon, Samantha and Charlie Lilly’s residence at 1A Elanora Court, Wheelers Hill

Time: 2.00pm (Branch Meeting) 3.00pm (Annual General Meeting)

What to bring: a plate to share for afternoon tea

RSVP: Please rsvp to Carly Myers on 0430 231 557 or [email protected]

Please note: If you cannot attend in person, we can offer the convenience of Skype/conference call.

Warmest regards,
Carly Myers
SSPA Victorian Branch Secretary

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