Code of ethics

Definition of terms: 

“SSPA” covers National Council and State Branch committees.
“Member” covers any person who is a financial member of the SSPA.

1. Responsibilities within the Association:

1.1 All members should know and comply with their duties and obligations laid down by their constitution.

1.2 All members must at all times remember that they are representatives of the SSPA and that as such their conduct reflects on the Association as a whole.
Duties should be carried out loyally and in a spirit of co-operation with the Association and the public.

1.3 The SSPA should encourage the members so that each feels himself to be a useful and necessary part of the Association. The continued growth and success of the SSPA depends on the willingness of all members to work together in a voluntary capacity, always remembering that our primary concern is the support of persons of short stature and their families.

1.4 Name, address, and personal information relating to another member should not be given to any person, save with that member’s consent.

2. Finances

2.1 Members are legally responsible for any money belonging to the SSPA which is entrusted to them and for ensuring that proper financial records are kept.

2.2 The SSPA makes available goods for sale on the basis that no member makes a personal profit and all money so received is the property of the SSPA.

2.3 The SSPA cannot endorse any commercial products.

3. Working with members and prospective members

3.1 Do not give any medical advice. Anyone needing advice is to be referred to the SSPA Professional Advisory Board.

4. Working in the community

4.1 Members should endeavour to make the community aware of the SSPA’s important role in supporting persons of short stature and their families.

4.2 Members should endeavour to promote a positive public image of persons of short stature.
(Also refer to clause 5.2)

5. Publicity

5.1 When a member is writing articles for publication, speaking publicly or giving an interview for the SSPA, then it must be clearly stated that the representative’s personal opinions are not necessarily those of the SSPA.

5.2 The SSPA should endeavour to promote a positive public image of persons of short stature by focussing media attention upon
i) achievements of those of short stature
ii) actions currently being undertaken to assist such persons
iii) the rights of those of short stature to equal opportunity and life experiences.

5.3 The SSPA should endeavour to present both children and adults for media coverage of programs and services.

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