Code of conduct

Members are bound by the SSPA Constitution and the SSPA Code of Ethics, which among other things, defines the responsibilities, expected of them when they are attending or participating in an SSPA event.

In addition to the above, the following Code of Conduct is especially applicable to members in attendance at SSPA sporting events.

Expectations/Guidelines of Players:

1.             Players should be mindful that above all else, they are participating for the enjoyment of being able to play a team sport.

2.             Players should remember the spirit of the game and always adhere to the rules. 

3.             The referees’ rule is final.

4.             Tempers must be controlled – there is to be no unseemly or abusive language on or off the playing area.

5.             Never attempt to distract or sledge other players.  This is not acceptable.

6.             Always give congratulations (shake hands, 3 cheers etc.) to the opposing team.

7.             Respect the rights and dignity of the other players regardless of their age, gender and physical limitations – treat all players as you would like to be treated.

Expectations /Guidelines for Coaches:

1.             Operate within the rules and teach players to do the same.

2.             Display control and respect to all involved.

3.             Give all players equal opportunities to participate, not just the more talented – being mindful of the spirit of the SSPA.

4.             Coaches should be ready to combat any views expressed by the players that contradict the spirit of the game.

5.             Avoid the “win-at-all-costs” mentality.

6.             Coaches should respect the rights and dignity of their players – being sensitive to the varying degrees of their age, gender, skill and physical limitations.

7.             Coaches should warn players who are losing composure and becoming too aggressive.  If necessary remove such players from the playing area.

Expectations/Guidelines of Spectators:

1.             Acknowledge good play by either side and congratulate all participants regardless of the outcome of the game.

2.             Barracking should be positive and enthusiastic with absolutely no heckling, sledging or denigration of players.

3.             Condemn the use of violence (on or off the playing area) whether by coaches, players, officials or spectators.

4.             Spectators, (especially adults) should set a positive example of self-control and remain mindful of the spirit of the SSPA.

5.             Respect the rights and dignity of all players, regardless of gender, age or physical limitation.


Disciplinary Officers:

  • A Disciplinary Officer is elected from each State Branch (currently only SA, NSW & VIC) to oversee the general behaviour of members from their branch. They are to perform this duty discreetly and without provocation.
  • If at any time whilst SSPA members are gathered together, a Disciplinary Officer notices undesirable behaviour, they may speak to the member concerned and point out what is expected of that member – 1st warning.
  • If after being spoken to, the said member continues with the undesirable behaviour, the Disciplinary Officer should warn them that if they continue to misbehave they would be cited to the National Council – 2nd warning.
  • If a 3rd warning is needed then the Disciplinary Officer informs the member that they will be reported to the National Council, giving the member a brief explanation of what the report will contain.
  • The Disciplinary Officer is then required to make a written report to National Council, detailing the incident and the member involved. The report should be submitted to the National Secretary within 7 days.
  • National Council will then deal with the matter according to Item 9 of the Constitution of the SSPA.
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