The S.S.P.A. Library was established in 1987 with its aim being to inform, reassure, support, encourage and stimulate SSPA members. Its collection includes a range of adult and children’s fiction, adult non-fiction, reference materials, periodicals and videos, all dealing with the subject of short stature and its associated problems. All members are welcome to borrow from the Library via mail or, where applicable in person.

Borrowing rules

Borrowing rules are as follows:
1. Library borrowing will be available to members of the SSPA only.
2. Initially members may only borrow one book at a time for a period not exceeding one month.
3. The borrower will be responsible for replacement of books in cases of loss or damage.
4. When books are borrowed through the mail, the borrower must, on return of the loan, enclose stamps to the value of the initial postage so the library will not incur extra costs.
5. Materials such as bibliographies, directories, etc. (which are mainly reference books) as well as newspaper/magazine articles will not be available for loan but are to be used as sources for quick reference. For members wishing for information from these texts but who are unable to search them personally, please contact the Librarian who will be happy to assist.

How do I borrow a book?

1) You must be a member of the SSPA to be able to borrow a book.
2) You call the Librarian, and let them know which book you are interested in.
3) The librarian will post the book to you.
4) Read and enjoy your borrowed book.
5) When you return the book by post, we ask that you include stamps to the value of the initial postage costs, so that the library does not incur extra costs.

Reviews of newly-purchased material appear in the SSPA Journal on an occasional basis.

A complete list of the SSPA’s library holdings is listed below:


Title and year published No. of pages Author Genre
Against Tall Odds : being a David in a Goliath world – 1999 182 Matt Roloff Autobiography
Basketball Know the Game – 1988 40 English Basketball Association Sport/non fiction
Between Parent & Teenager -1971 255 Dr Haim G. Ginnott Parenting/paperback
Between Parent & Child – 1969 252 Dr Haim G. Ginnott Parenting/paperback
Brothers & Sisters – a special part of exceptional families – 1985 226 Thomas H. Powell & Peggy Ahrenhold Ogle Parenting/paperback
Challenges Facing Dwarf Parents New Baby – 1989 58 Ellen Highland Fernandez Parenting/paperback
Clinical Symposia -1988 23 Dr C. J. Scott Medical/paperback
Defiant Birth: Women Who Resist Medical Eugenics 286 Melinda Tankard Reist  
A Difference in the Family – 1981 262 Helen Featherstone Reference/paperback
Don’t forget Tom – 1978 22 Hanne Larson Children
Dwarfs Dont Live in Doll Houses – 1988 256 Angela Muir Van Etten Autobiography/paperback
Essential Medical Genetics – 1986 280 J. Connor & M. A. Ferguson-Smith Medica/paperback
Every Child is important   Australian Childhood Foundation Parenting/paperback
Facing the Crowd : other people’s insensitivities to your disabled child – 1986 109 Deborah Fullwood & Peter J. Cronin Self help/non fiction
From Me … to You : advice to parents of children with special needs – 1997 95 Anne Whaite & Judy Ellis Parenting/paperback
Growing Children, A Parents Guide -1990 29 P Reiser & LE Underwood Medical/paperback
Growing in Stature 20 yrs of LPAA 100 Francis Kelly History/paperback
Growth & Growth Failure – 1980’s 12 Pharmacia Australia Reference/Paperback
Growth Hormone Deficiency 23 As Above Medical/paperback
Growth Hormone Deficiency – 1979 26 Human Growth Foundation Medical/paperback
Human Achondroplasia – 1988 491 Nicoletti, Kopits, Ascani & McKusick Medical/hardcover
I Can Jump Puddles – 1955 225 Alan Marshall Autobiography/Paperback
I Knew I Could Do It! – 1981 28 Frances Hawker Children/non fiction
I’m Glad I’m Me    – Sesame Street Self help/video
I’m Just Small That’s All – 2002 13 J. Lusty Children
I’m a Walking Talking Miracle – 1988   L. J. McInnes Self help/paperback +
audio tapes parts 1 & 2
Information Guide on Persons of Short Stature 22 SSPA Reference
Intrauterine Growth Retardation – 18 Human Growth Foundation Medical/paperback
Its Just the Way We Are – 2002 18 Short Statured People of Australia Autobiographical/paperback
Its only a Leg – 1981 265 Hugh Drake Self help/non fiction
Let the Balloon Go – 1968 112 Ivan Southhall Fiction/Paperback
Liking Myself – 1977 80 Pat Palmer Self help/paperback
The Little Locksmith – 1945 167 Katharine Butler Hathaway Fiction hardcover
Little People – 2003 278 Dan Kennedy Autobiography
Little People, Learning To See The World Through My Daughters Eyes – 2007    – Dan Kennedy Online edition:
Little People of America – 1984 194 Joan Ablon Reference/hardcover
Little People of New Zealand Journal – 2006 38 LPNZ Journal
Little Squarehead – 2001 28 P. O’Neill Children
The Lives of Dwarves – Their Journey From Public Curiosity Toward Social Liberation 431 Betty M. Adelson Hardback
LPAA Journal – 1988 35 LPAA Reference
Living With Difference – 1988 194 Joan Ablon Reference/hardcover
Never Sell Yourself Short – 2001 28 S. Riggs Teenagers
Mignon & Peter – 1993 92 Leigh Kibby Mythology/paperback
My Child Is A Dwarf – 1979 20 Dr J. G. Rogers & Joan Weiss Self help/non fiction
Parents are to be Seen & Heard- 145 GP Markel & J Greenbaum Parenting/paperback
Patterns of Growth – 1976 26 Human Growth Foundation Medical/paperback
Person to Person – 1987 177 Gething,Leonard,OLoughlin Reference/paperback
Short & OK A Guide for Parents – 55 P. Reiser & H Meyer-Bahlburg Reference/paperback
Short & Sweet – 2008 197 J. Maren Autobiography
Short Stature in Children Growth Hormone Deficiency 24 Australasian Paediatric Endocrine Group Medical/paperback
Short Stature in Children Guide for Parents 1980 12 Australasian Paediatric Endocrine Group Medical/paperback
Sibling Rivalry – 1985 171 Seymour V Reit Parenting/paperback
The Smallest Dinosaur in the World 22 Michael Salmon Children picture book
Swords & Crowns & Rings – 1977 435 Ruth Park Non fiction/paperback novel
Tall & Small A Book About Height 87 Kate Gilbert Phifer Reference/hardcover
Teaching Social Skills to Children – 1986 377 G Cartledge & JF Milburn Parenting/paperback
This is the Grass – 1962 196 Alan Marshall Autobiography/Paperback
Treating Children with Growth Failure – 1980 12 Pharmacia Australia Reference/paperback
Turners Syndrome 48 Society of Turner Groups Reference/paperback
Turners Syndrome – 1974 18 Human Growth Foundation Medical/Paperback
What If I couldn’t – 1979 73 J. Kamien Reference
Why Wasnt I Told – 1986 80 Lisa Jane McInnes Self help/paperback
With a Little Help from my Friends – 1979 28 Frances Hawker Children/non fiction
You’ll Soon Grow Alex – 2000 12 Andrea Shavick Children picture book
Your Child is Different – 1982 153 David Mitchell Parenting/paperback


Title and year published Duration Author Genre
I’m Glad I’m Me – 1991  30 min. Sesame Street Self help/video
LPAA Basketball Game – NSW vs. Victoria – Mt. Evelyn – 1990      –   – Sport
Short Stories – 2006 104 min. SBS Documentary
The Station Agent – DVD 86 min.   Movie
Tip toes – DVD – 2003  87 min.   Movie
Untold Desires – 1994  57 min. SBS Television Self help/video
Walking Tall (Betacam video) – 1994     Sport

* Plus numerous journal & media publications/articles of medical/social/scientific significance to the SSPA.

Book reviews

Reviews of newly-purchased items will appear in the SSPA Journal on an occasional basis.

Links to other library resources

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