There are a wide range of jobs short-statured people can be considered for. It is more important to seek employment according to a person’s interest in the position and their ability rather than what might be suitable for people of restricted growth.

Training and further study should be taken seriously and if a person remains flexible the opportunity may arise where employment is gained in an unexpected area where real satisfaction is gained.

One problem in obtaining employment can be prejudice among some employers. They will see a short-statured person’s height restriction as an obstacle. It is very important to make the best possible impression from the letter of application, to a person’s appearance at the interview. It would be a personal decision as to whether a short-statured person should declare their height before going to an interview. If you do declare your height you may also wish to openly discuss or allay any fears about your height.

It is through determination and the ability to keep trying when finding a person’s first job that will gain them the position they want. Once a short-statured person has a job he or she will make it evident that they are as productive and resourceful as anyone of average height.

Social activities

Participation in cultural, sporting and community activities are an essential part of personal growth. It develops self-confidence and for the physically handicapped most importantly, social acceptance. There are numerous social activities that a short-statured person can participate in. Their own judgement will take into account any personal restrictions that may be involved.

Within the cultural area, music, hobby and craft groups are all activities essential in personal growth. Adult education and personal interest groups are of great benefit not only to improve skill training but have occupational potential. By aiming for the kind of job you would like, training for it in your leisure time will make that much more sense. Community activities are of benefit to social development and by helping others you can also help yourself.

There are many sporting activities that will accomodate many short-statured persons. If a person is very interested in a particular sport, modifications should be made if necessary to the equipment. The involvement in any social activities helps a short-statured person develop into a stronger person and be recognised for who they are.

(Source: Information Guide to Persons of Short Stature, edited by Stephen Pinnell, p. 17)

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