Professional Advisory Board

In 1981, the S.S.P.A. formed the National Medical & Scientific Advisory Board consisting of medical specialists from both the Bone Dysplasia Clinics in Melbourne, Victoria and Sydney, New South Wales. In subsequent years, the Board’s membership has been extended to medical specialists from genetics clinics in other states of Australia. It reports on a regular basis to the National Council and also provides a written report to the S.S.P.A.’s Annual General Meeting. Members of the Board make themselves available to S.S.P.A. members for expert advice as new knowledge on the causes and management of bone dysplasias becomes known. Appointments to the Board are recommended to, and approved by the S.S.P.A. National Council.

At the 1999 SSPA Annual General Meeting, the name of the Board was changed to the Professional Advisory Board.

At present, our Professional Advisory Board (PAB) is composed of medical and health care professionals from five states of Australia. Medical advice may be sought from our professional body by arranging appointments through their individual clinics. Members of our PAB are always in attendance at the Medical Day, which is a highlight of our annual SSPA Convention.

Current members of the Board are:

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