May 2016 Report

Dear artsy folk,

I hope you are all well.

Since our last report we have lost 2 incredibly talented people who supported Short Arts.

Recently we lost Tony Munro, who had only just reconnected with the SSPA a few years ago after a long absence from it. Tony was a very, very talented writer who had a great career as a sports columnist focusing on international cricket and gave his time as Editor for the SSPA Journal. He was really passionate about the SSPA Journal coming up with a constant stream of ideas to make the journal better and better. His latest was having a section for parents to share their stories and advice on what they found helpful along the way when raising their short statured child/ren. There were lots of emails going back and forth over the last 2 months discussing what topics to have featured and who to approach to submit their stories and/or advice. When Tony reconnected with the SSPA, Vicki Fallon made sure he new all about Short Arts and introduced Tony to me and from there Tony and I would talk about how to progress Short Arts and make it bigger and better, he had some fantastical ideas for workshops and was so enthusiastic and supportive of the Letters to Myself book. Thank you Tony for your support and encouragement.

In February, as you all already know we lost Lynelle Boyd, not many people know that Lynelle and I started Short Arts back in 2000, it stemmed from our awareness during the 2000 SSPA Annual National Convention that there was a lot of focus on sports and we noticed there were members not interested in sports and were more artistically inclined, ‘artsy not sporty’. During the AGM that week, we sat up the back and along with Chris Cook devised our devious plan to take over the world with art…not so much the world but at least the SSPA. By the time ‘Any Other Business’ was announced at the end of the AGM Agenda, we had already created a Mission Statement, Aims, Objective and a plan, which we enthusiastically yelled out ‘yes, we have something to say!’ and we did. And Short Arts was created.

Slowly but surely we have been building it up, unfortunately Lynelle was not able to be hands on with planning activities etc. in the last 2 years due to her illness but she was always there supporting us and giving us great ideas or building on ideas for projects.

As an artist, Lynelle was one of those types who would try her hand at something and she would create amazing artwork everything from painting, writing, textiles she was amazing and I was in awe of her and very jealous of her talent. But it was her enthusiasm for having an art component in the SSPA that was the driving force behind all of our projects she would continually push me along and give me a kick in the rear end whenever I had doubts. Her last involvement in Short Arts was at the WA Convention last year, Lynelle participated in the 1st Masterclass for Letters to Myself and with every exercise I gave the group, she and along with the other participants wrote beautifully from the heart. During the convention week, Lynelle, Alicia and I would have these great robust discussions about the plans for the future of Short Arts mainly centered, around the activities for the 50th Anniversary of the SSPA and I knew during these conversations she was saying so much trying to get as many ideas as possible in our heads because she would not make it to the SSPA 50th Anniversary Annual National Convention.

I have lost not only someone who was my collaborator, co-conspirator, artistic cohort; I lost a very cherished friend and mentor who I loved dearly.

Rescheduled 2nd Masterclass for the ‘Letters to Myself’

The rescheduled 2nd Masterclass for the ‘Letters to Myself’ project will be held on Saturday 4th June from 2pm to 4pm via Skype, if you do not have access to Skype please let us know. We invite everyone to be a part of it, we do not have a limit on numbers at all or who can be involved. It would be great to have more boys/men involved to give it a balance, as all stories are unique. Please rsvp to participate in the Masterclass by Wednesday 1st June either via email [email protected] or call or txt Carly Myers on 0430 231 557.

If you are unable to participate in the Masterclass but still want to be a part of the project or would like more information about it please contact us on the above details. We are also happy to arrange a one on one session if you are unable to make this session.

Homework (in the fun kinda’ way)

Hands up those who have kept up with their writing since the first Masterclass? Have you had a practice at writing a piece about what it felt like to start school? Think about how you felt.

KIDS: Were you excited? Scared? Did you have a friend who came with you? What was your teacher’s name? Were people kind to you? Did you need any extra things to help you do things at school – such as a chair that was made especially for you or a stool for your feet? What did you like doing most of all?

ADULTS: Can you write to your younger self to reassure that all was going to be ok? What would you like to say to that younger student self?

Competition: SSPA 50th Anniversary Commemorative Logo

In this journal you will find information on a competition to design the SSPA 50th Anniversary Commemorative Logo.

Call Out!

If you would like be interviewed about your artistic practice or just want to share your artistic endeavours in a journal piece please contact me at [email protected]

We would love to see more support for our artistically inclined members who are daring to put themselves out there in sharing their love of art.

Warmest regards,

Carly Myers
Short Arts Collective Coordinator

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