Short-statured people and sport

Short-statured people can participate and play in a number of sports taking into account the following factors

  • the type and nature of their condition of short stature
  • their degree of mobility and flexibility
  • their general fitness and lifestyle

Short-statured people are capable of equal active participation with average-sized people in many sports such as golf, swimming, water-skiing, snow skiing, hockey and cricket. In some cases, their participation may depend on certain changes or modifications to sports equipment.

If short-statured people cannot actively participate in sport for whatever reason, then they can pursue other ways of remaining involved with sport such as coaching, scoring, time-keeping, or even adminstration.

The SSPA encourages its short-statured members to participate as much as possible in community activities, including sport. 

Although the SSPA does not organize any regular sports competitions because of both the geographical disparity and size of its membership, it does host an annual basketball competition between teams of short-statured people from both New South Wales and Victoria held in Albury each Queen’s Birthday weekend in June.
On occasions, it also includes sports days as part of National Convention programmes.

Many of its short-statured members, both past and present, have been involved in regular sports competitions, either with average-sized people, or with other disabled groups, such as amputees, at a local, national or international level.

The SSPA generally advises short-statured people to undergo a medical examination before becoming involved in a sports activity for the first time. It is recommended that such examinations are conducted through the genetics clinics through the various children’s hospitals in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart.

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