State Branches

State Branches in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia are administered by a State Branch Committee consisting of a Branch Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer plus a committee of ordinary members. Each State Branch holds regular meetings, usually held in a member’s home on a weekend allowing for the attendance of members and their families. It provides the main opportunity for members to get together at a local level. Occasionally, State Branch meetings are held in conjunction with a social function.

State Branches organise a number of social and recreational functions and weekends throughout the year which may include barbecues, car rallies, restaurant dinners, basketball weekends, get-togethers for parents with short-statured babies and young children, as well as the organisation of Christmas parties for both the adult and children members.

Queensland operates as a social group with a co-ordinator, while North Queensland operates as a regional branch. Both South Australia and Tasmania have members but currently their State Branches are inactive.


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