Small Talk on 3CR – A Reflection

March 3, 2013 @ No Comments

In 21 very quick months, Small Talk Radio on 3CR has developed into an efficient and compelling, topical program for short-statured people around the world, thanks to web radio technology. The ability to have this voice, at least in Australia, rivals the impact of the famous Little People, Big World TV show in USA and therefore it is so important to us that we continue to hear your thoughts and suggestions on the show going forward.

The team of Meredith, Graci, Margherita, Sam, Jonathon and I have enjoyed bringing a complete range of topics to air in the last year. They are arguably lead by our most recent show this month which updated our listeners on the fast-moving global trial being conducted by pharmaceutical company, Biomarin, on a drug which could prevent and give cure to common ailments experienced by people with Achondroplasia. It is being tested on children here in Australia by the Murdoch Research Children’s Institute as well as other leading Centres of Genetics overseas. Although, for such a delicate subject of ‘medicating a faulty gene’ (which is essentially the method of the trial), its introduction and explanation via Small Talk removed the potential of over-reaction among our listeners and hosts. We are all grateful that Prof. Ravi Savarirayan, a member of the SSPA Professional Advisory Board as well as being closely involved in the trial, has been able to join us in the studio, take all of our questions and answer them with such clarity. So no matter what our opinions may be of it, I’m so happy that our show can be a forum for ‘the whole truth’. He promises to join us again as the trial advances.

Prior to this, Small Talk has also covered sensitive issues of dwarf entertaining and throwing plus genetic counselling given over the years to both average-sized parents of a short-statured child and short-statured parents, themselves. Likewise, we’ve really appreciated having guests representing each along with Margaret Sahhar, the Senior Genetics Counsellor at MCRI come in and give us their personal and honest stories. Sport also continues to feature regularly, from reports on the Sspitfires Basketball team which is gaining strength in numbers and skill (thanks to World Dwarf Games training) to the success of Australian athletes at the London Paralympics. Indeed the WDG will be a prominent focus between now and the Opening Ceremony this year so we look forward to hearing from a few of the athletes selected onto the Australian Team, on how their preparation is going.

It truly is going to be a bumper 2013 for Small Talk which will require even greater preparation into each show. That is why we are inviting our Melbourne members to express their interest to be a part of our on-air team! This is a wonderful opportunity for those that want to learn something new. We ask that if you are interested in becoming a part of the team that you consider the commitment that you’ll be making before you make your decision. All expressions of interest can be sent through to the Small Talk team via our email [email protected] Please leave your contact details and let us know why you want to be a part of the Small Talk team. More information about this opportunity will be sent to all interested parties soon.

Our next radio program will air on Wednesday, March 6th at 6:00pm EDST. You can listen to previous shows by checking out our podcasts via:

Thank you for all of your support. This is Ollie from Small Talk – over and out!

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