Short Statured People of Australia

This is the official website of the Short Statured People of Australia. We are a non-profit organisation founded in 1968 that provides support and information for people with conditions of dwarfism, their families and other interested members of the community. The SSPA is made up of volunteers who aim to educate the community, provide peer and parent support, participate in programs that benefit the dwarfism community and promote the achievements of people with dwarfism. The SSPA actively supports the Children’s Hospitals, Bone Dysplasia Clinics and Genetic Support Networks throughout Australia.

Small Talk Radio Program

Small Talk – Educating, Promoting, Exploring… giving you a better understanding of the lives of people with dwarfism.

Exploring the highs, the lows, the trials and tribulations – and let’s not forget the never ending achievements.

So over the next 30 minutes, we invite you to see the world through our eyes; “hey, down here”.

You’re on 3CR, 855 on your AM dial – Welcome to Small Talk – airing from 6 to 6.30pm on the first Wednesday of each month.

Small Talk Radio Program 3CR 855AM
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Email: [email protected]

The previous episodes of the show are also available for download from 3CR as podcasts from here.

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