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Branch report – January 2014

Happy New Year to you all from the far North of our beautiful and currently sweltering country. We hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas and that Santa found you wherever you were.

Throughout 2013 the North Queensland Group have had our annual Mothers’ Day & Fathers’ Day raffles at our local markets, which were both a wonderful success. Every year the kids engage our local community, and for the people who have the time to stop and chat to us, learn something new about what our kids achieve and get up to in their everyday lives. We also caught up at our local McDonalds a couple of times where the kids had a great time chatting with each other, & running around and playing. Our Christmas party was at a local tavern where we had a beautiful lunch.

The Brisbane area group had their Christmas Party at the Mt Coo-tha botanical gardens. Matt and Sandra were lucky enough to be down in Brisbane at this time, so were able to attend. It was only a small gathering; however it was a lovely morning where we met a new family who have just moved to Brisbane from NZ. The kids had a great time exploring the gardens & feeding the birds.

Queensland members have also celebrated some wonderful sporting achievements throughout 2013. Kobie Donovan was named 2013 Junior Female Athlete of the Year at the 2013 Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association Award Night. Kobie says that it is “such an honour to receive this title, it has certainly topped off an incredible year in athletics.” Kobie also competed at the WDG in Michigan in August this year, so I do believe this was a fitting end to Kobie’s athletic achievements in 2013.

Laura Mladenovic & Sean Leyland both attended Brisbane for the Queensland School Sports Secondary Championships. Both Laura & Sean were competing against kids ranging in age from 13-15, so the competition was fierce. Laura represented Northern Region & competed in the 100m & 200m sprints, Long Jump, & Shot Put. Sean competed in the 100m & 200m sprints, & Long Jump.

Matt Lundie competed in the Queensland School Sports Primary Championship, representing Northern Region, where he competed in the 100m sprint, Long Jump, Discus & Shot Put. From this event, Matt was selected to represent Queensland at the School Sport Australia 12 years and under Track & Field National Championships, where he competed in the 100m sprint, Long Jump & Discus. He was also fortunate to compete in 2 relays, 1 with his QLD team mates, and the medley relay with kids from other states in Australia. We are all looking forward to another exciting year.


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