New Parent Reps.

The following list of the S.S.P.A. New-Parent Representatives act as the first contact for parents of newly-born short-statured children. The new parents are referred to the S.S.P.A. by the Genetics Clinics attached to Children’s Hospitals in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Hobart.

Between them, our parent reps around the country have a wealth of  experience, practical knowledge and good humour.  They have much to offer new parents on the practicalities of rearing a child with a condition of short stature.  Some of our parent reps are short statured themselves and have raised at least one child with short stature.

All of our parent reps are happy to talk to new parents on the general subject of short stature, but please note that our parent reps are not equipped with medical knowledge or expertise; the members of our Professional Advisory Board may issue advice of that nature.

The SSPA New Parent Representatives for 2012-2013 are as follows:  

* Denotes person of short stature   
New South Wales                                     Alma Weber                              [email protected]
New South Wales                                     Tracey Mamula                          [email protected]
Central West New South Wales               Vicki Fallon*                             [email protected]
Northern New South Wales                     Wilma Steain                             via: [email protected]    –
Australian Capital Territory                    Angela Belluomo                       via: [email protected]
Victoria                                                    Jenny Zeuschner                        via: [email protected]
Victoria                                                    Megan & Leon Lilly                     [email protected]
Victoria                                                    Rob & Marie Millard                    [email protected]
Regional Victoria                                    Catherine Brawn                         [email protected]
Regional Victoria                                    Fiona Hutchins                           
[email protected]
South Australia                                      Sharyn Gunn                               [email protected]
Western Australia                                  Eleanor Snook                            [email protected]
Queensland                                            Rod & Gayle Shannen                  [email protected]
North Queensland                                  Sandra Lundie                            [email protected]
Tasmania                                               Jenelle Wells                               [email protected]
Tasmania                                               Sarah Darkin*                             [email protected]


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