National Sports Report

National Sports Report – October 2014

Hi everyone, for those of you who don’t know me I’m Kobie, a 20 year old female student from Queensland. After being a member of the SSPA for many years, this will be my 2nd year on National Council; I am looking forward to fulfilling the sport coordinators’ role and acknowledge it will be a busy year ahead for the SSPA. 2015 will mark the 20th year of the Annual National Sporting Weekend in Albury, NSW. The event commenced in 1996 purely to provide another opportunity for the State of Origin basketball clash to take place between NSW and Victoria. Attended by about 30 people, the weekend saw Victoria beat NSW 25-18 to take the Rosemary Hobbs Trophy for the fourth time. The iconic state of origin clash continues to this day to be an imperative part of the weekend, however the weekend has grown in many aspects. Multiple sports are contested and or participated in by all ages and abilities, and the event has become the SSPA 2nd biggest event on the calendar, attracting over 90 people. 2015 will surely be a special time to not only reflect on how far sports for short statured individuals has come over the last 20 years but will also highlight the potential and exciting growth for the future.

Over the next 12 months, it is my hope that sporting opportunities will grow, more information will be available and that the SSPA strengthen and expand their links with peak sporting bodies which will enhance opportunity for short statured individuals. My personal aim is to build awareness and opportunities for junior athletes within the SSPA, not only to create future state and national athletes but also to promote active and healthy lifestyles for all kids/adolescents, which will ultimately enhance their future. Additionally I hope to promote more recreational/main stream sporting opportunities for all individuals regardless of ability or age.

Throughout the next 12 months, future Journal Articles will focus on:

 School Sport Opportunities (Regionals, State, & Nationals)

 “What’s Your Sport”: Brief profiles on various members and their Sport.

 Recreational & Mainstream Sporting Opportunities

 Elite Pathways (Nationals/Paralympics)

 Albury Sporting Weekend (20th Annual National Sporting Weekend)

 Para Badminton & Boccia Opportunities

I look forward to taking on the role for 2014/2015 and would like to take the opportunity to thank Sam Millard for his past and current contributions, the support is much appreciated. If you have any questions regarding SSPA sporting opportunities or have a story/profile/opportunity to share feel free to contact me for any information and or opportunity to share with other members.

Kind Regards,

Kobie Donovan



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