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It’s really good to be us

May 3, 2014

Alicia Jenkins and Kirralee Walton have a lot in common. Each of them enjoys dressing in bright colours, storytelling and wearing eye-catching glasses. Each of them also belongs to the local group for people of short stature, although their specific conditions differ. Alicia Jenkins is a Student Co-ordinator at St Catherine‚Äôs Catholic College, Singleton, while […]

Actor Warwick Davis and Short Statured People of Australia president Meredith Young feature in Carole Lander’s book Little People: BIG LIVES

November 16, 2013

STEREOTYPES from fairytales, circus acts and the media put barriers in the way of people with dwarfism being accepted for who they are, says the president of Short Statured People of Australia. “The only thing different about us is our physical stature – there’s no intellectual, sexual or any other difference – it’s purely physical,” […]

World Dwarf Games article

October 16, 2013

An article of interest about the recent World Dwarf Games appears in the latest issue of the bi-monthly e-magazine called ‘Living Art‘. It also includes pictures taken by Margherita Coppolino, a Team Australia representative at the Games. Thanks to Akash from Arts Access Victoria, who is also editor of ‘Living Art‘, for forwarding this information. […]

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